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CW Episode 50: Why Does The Bible Talk So Much About Money

In this short episode you will learn why the bible talks so much about money.

CW Episode 49 – Does Your Money Define You?

Alex Cook talks about the impact money can have on your identity.

CW Episode 48 – Living Within Your Means

In this episode Alex Cook discusses what it means to live within your means.

CW Episode 47: Diversification

In this episode, Alex explains the investment concept of diversification and how it applies to your finances.

CW Episode 46 – Who’s Money Is It Anyway?

When it comes to our assets we tend to think of it as ‘mine’. But is our money really ours? Find out in the episode.

CW Episode 45: What Do You Truly Value

In this Alex Cook challenges you to think about what is really important to you?

CW Episode 44 – Financial Danger Zones In Marriage

In this episode Alex Cook talks about the financial danger zones that can occur in marriage.

CW Episode 43 – Generosity in our Churches

CW Episode 43 – Generosity in our Churches by Alex Cook

CW Episode 42: Intimacy With God

In this episode Alex explains how your relationship with God impacts your personal finances.

CW Episode 41: Financial Repentance

In this episode Alex looks at the biblical principle of repentance and how it applies to your money.


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