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Alex Cook

Alex has advised individuals and businesses on how to manage their finances for over 19 years. Alex’s passion is for people like you to take control of their finances and future, live generously and to glorify God with what you have.

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Christian Wealth TV

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. It affects the way people communicate, learn, and think. Today's civilization is significantly influenced by technology which makes everything easy in just one click. In this episode, Alex Cook interviews Dean Sweetman, co-founder and CEO of about maximising our generosity to the church through technology.

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Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can John Wesley

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Simple Steps For The Journey To Financial Freedom

Contrary to popular belief, managing money is simple. Most people struggle with money at some point in their lives and sadly too many never stop struggling. For couples, money problems are the most common source of disagreement. Whilst many people may desire financial freedom, few find it. There is good news. A few simple changes, based on biblical wisdom, and you can be on a clear path to financial freedom. This book will help you get there.


With interest rates in Australia at record lows, it might be time to refinancing your home loan. Refinancing is simply Read More >

  Choosing a financial adviser is a big decision. As you search for the best professional for your situation, make Read More >

  Let me begin with a simple question. If something happened to you, be it death or disablement, what would Read More >

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