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We are a stewardship ministry that seeks to help Churches build radically generous cultures.  Many Churches have a strong vision, but lack the financial resources to get there.  Furthermore, many Christians struggle with their finances, be it due to excessive debts, lack of control over spending or poor thinking.  So widespread is the problem that in most western countries today, 50% of the population live month-to-month.  Many Church attendees are not aware of the compelling biblical model for their finances and how to implement it into their lives.

What we do could be categorised into the three C’s:

Courses – we have created a portfolio of courses accessible online for individuals, entrepreneurs and Church leaders each with the aim of bringing together biblical wisdom with practical application in the areas of personal money management, kingdom business, and church finances.  These courses can be used as events, in small groups, as outreach, in weekend services and as part of their overall discipleship plan.

Coaching – we provide a money and business coaching service to those who would like 1-on-1 assistance in their financial affairs or in their business.

Consulting – we work with Senior Pastors and their leadership teams to develop a comprehensive strategic stewardship plan that ensures their Church is fully funded and is able to achieve the vision for which God is calling it.

Our overall goal is simple:  Christians Investing in Eternity.

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Alex Cook
CEO & Founder

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