The feedback you need from your customers


Want to grow your business consistently?  Then getting valuable feedback is not just a good idea, it should be mandatory.  Customer feedback when sought properly can give fabulous insight into areas where your business could improve.  It will help you identify what you are doing well and what areas need to change.

Customer Feedback

When operating a business, you are going to receive customer feedback – both positive and negative. How you choose to handle your customer’s opinions really matters. Believe it or not, you can learn the most from negative feedback. It provides an opportunity to fix problems, win back customers and encourage clients to talk about you.

Ask your customers only a few, but very important questions:

• How did you find us?
• Why did you choose us?
• What do you like? What don’t you like?
• What can we do to improve?
• Would you refer to people to us?

As a financial planner, I had “Feedback” as the last Agenda Item for every client review meeting which I conducted. Not only was it insightful, it often led to referrals to my business. Another great financial planner I know, after he had signed up a new client, would send them a mug with his company logo on it. Inside the mug was a chocolate bar and a one page survey for the client to fill out. It had a polite message saying something along the lines of “you’ve just been through a life-changing process, so have a cup of coffee and a chocolate and sit back and tell us what you think”. It went down very well.

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