The 7 Foundations of Marketing (Part 5 of 7)

Welcome to part 5 of this 7 part series on the foundations of marketing.  In today’s article I want to focus on the 5th “P” of Marketing, your physical environment.  This is your place of business, where customers come and visit you.

Where is your product or service consumed? Your physical environment can have a significant bearing on your success. Take two restaurants, side by side. One is renovated with a great look and feel, good menu choice, is clean with great service. The second one hasn’t changed its look and feel in 15 years, the menu hasn’t changed and the staff do not look happy to be there, but both restaurants charge roughly the same price. Which one do you think people will go to?
Whilst most services are relatively intangible, the office environment can still be important, for the staff as well as for the impression it will give customers. Here are some of the considerations:

➢ Comfort – Is it a comfortable place where people will feel welcome?

➢ Facilities – does the environment facilitate your ability to conduct your business? Store your products? Create them? Distribute them? Does it have the necessary features to meet your customers needs?

➢ Run Down – Is the environment giving off the wrong impression?

➢ Presentable – is it an environment you can be proud of and that will give potential customers the right impression? Is it over the top? Ostentatious?

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