Wealth With Purpose

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Family Finances

If we’re honest, most people struggle with money at some point in their life, whether it’s learning the basics, getting ahead, saving for retirement, avoiding or getting out of debt and even spiritual challenges such as wrongly getting our identity from what we own.  Once we get married, these challenges Read more

Pastor Burnout….

  HOLY CROSSFIRE, BATMAN! By Tracey Smith Have you ever made a list of the stuff you’re battling with? Trying to keep everyone happy Other people’s problems Juggling work and family (badly!) Conflict – hate it, run a mile! Can’t get on top of deadlines or the to-do list Office Read more

Financial Tips @ Christmas

  It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again! It is a great time where we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and remember what he has done for us, as well as spending time with our loved ones. However, our society has also Read more

Can your finances be cursed?

Some people believe it while some people don’t, but what is the truth of one’s finances being thought of as cursed? All through our lives, we learn about our strengths. Upon realizing what they are, it is best to hone them and be good stewards of the skills and abilities Read more

The core Issues to address with your Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning on face value seems simple.  After all isn’t just about saving enough money to live off in your twilight years?  If only it were that simple.  In this article I want to explore the different issues that you need to factor into your planning. ISSUES FOR LONG-TERM PLANNING Read more