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As Christians we are called to be generous, yet when we look at the level of giving amongst Christians in the western world, it sits at a rather abysmal 2% of disposable income or thereabouts, depending on which survey you refer to. Sure it varies widely from Church to Church, but when you consider the age of prosperity that we have been living in since World War 2, it makes you wonder where we are going wrong.

In my experience most Christians want to be generous, they understand and see the needs around them. However there is a problem. Many of us are distracted by the world around us. The world sells us a very different picture of what is truly important, compared to the Bible. Many Christians struggle financially, however in the developed world this is rarely likely due to lack of money. In most cases the true source of the problem lies in their lack of understanding on how to adequately manage their financial resources.

The antidote to this problem is simple, yet absolutely vital. That is, you must have a compelling vision of what the future would look like if your Church had sufficient financial resources. Sadly, many Christians believe the Church is a poor investment. They will happily give to the latest social justice cause, or mission agency or a project that interests them rather than their local Church. They will of course give something to their Church, but nowhere near their capacity. So the question then is why?

The truth is MONEY follows VISION!   As I alluded to earlier, most Christians want to give generously, but they need a compelling reason. They need to see that their giving is going to make a difference for eternity. People don’t give large amounts to their Church because they are unable. They don’t give because they perceive the contribution will make very little difference.

What are the characteristics of a great vision? Your Vision needs to be:

Compelling – people want to be inspired by the opportunity to “make a difference”, such as ‘genuinely’ transforming their community.

Realistic – it needs to find the balance between being realistic and stepping out in faith. If you are a Church of 50, and you talk about saving your entire nation, people wont believe you, but if you talk about your local community of 10,000 people then it becomes more realistic. Start with smaller goals and build your way up from there.

Reinforced & Memorable – The best visions are those that everyone can remember and will still be able to quote even if they left your Church. One of the best visions I ever heard was from a Church that had what they called a “2020 Vision”. It was to plant 1000 Churches, with an average of 500 members by the year 2020. At the time they had already planted about 100 Churches and 2020 was about 11 years away. Chances are they will reach their target!

Guided by the Holy Spirit – Last but not least, follow the lead of the Spirit in everything you do. Whose vision is it? Is it yours or the Holy Spirit’s? The bible makes it very clear that God is the one that prospers our plans. Seeking His will at all levels is essential to ensure success. Not only does he have a personal plan for us as individuals, but as a congregation, as a community and even as a nation.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 19:21


How is your Vision? Is it memorable, compelling and attainable? And most importantly, was it Holy Spirit inspired?

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