Why Pastors Fear Money



A significant majority of Church Leaders I have spoken to, feel uncomfortable around money. For some, it is lack of knowledge that they believe they should have, for others, it is because they have their own personal struggles, and for many they don’t want to be seen talking about it, as their income is dependent on it. The list of reasons and often (excuses) goes on!

The big surprise however, is that your members actually want you to talk about money. They are hearing about it in the world, but they want, and frankly need, to hear from you the truth about money from God’s word.   Most will also be shocked to find that Jesus talked about money more than any other topic!

So hear are some tips:

  • Do talk about money regularly (once per month is enough) – although having an annual four-week series around the concept of Stewardship (not just money) is advisable as well.
  • Do it in a casual, natural manner as well as mentioning it more formally (i.e. in a sermon)
  • Place the right value on money and material possessions, do not over-do-it, still do not undermine it. It has a very important place in measuring good stewardship and spiritual health.
  • Encourage people from your church to share their own testimonies on how applying money principles has changed their lives.
  • Apply the principles you teach to your own life. This tip might seem obvious but you would be surprised about how rare it is for people to do so consistently. Remember, you are what you preach in a way! Your sheep are watching.
  • Do not be afraid of counseling people on the subject, follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and apply biblical principles to your guidance. Naturally you should not give personal financial advice as to what someone should do as that may expose you to legal issues, if you were perceived to have given unlicensed advice.


How often do you talk about money? Do your members know what you believe about money? What the bible says about money?

Call to Action

Repent of any fear, and entrust the raising of funds and building a generous culture in your Church to God. Plan your next talk about money now! Set a date and start preparing it. Get some of your team to read over it and help you refine it.



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