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The common fears about fundraising

Fears about fundraising come from a mindset that says it is an embarrassing act. People fear that donors will say no and they will be rejected. Questions such as, “What if I fail to raise the fundraising target?” plague many fundraisers. You also hear comments such as, “Fundraising is a necessary evil, but it has to be done because we need money to fund ministry programs.”

Those are common apprehensions and misconceptions about fundraising that lead to fear among many fundraisers, including Christians. How then can we get rid of these negative thoughts about fundraising?

First of all we need a paradigm shift. If the focus is on getting the money, it will naturally lead to fear and lack of joy in the work of funding God’s Kingdom work.

God is the Chief Fundraiser! It is God who will provide for the resources to fund His work in the world. If we think this way, it will remove the burden we place on our shoulders. Hudson Taylor said, “God’s work done in God’s way, will not lack God’s supply.” Our job is to be faithful stewards.

A faithful steward prays to God for wisdom and courage. One of the greatest fundraisers in the Bible is Nehemiah. When he learned about the destruction of the wall of Jerusalem, the first thing he did was to commune with God in prayer and fasting. It was not long before King Artaxerxes asked Nehemiah what he can do for him. We all know the story of how Nehemiah was able to mobilize the resources needed to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. God provided everything that was needed.

Until now, God is at work. All it takes is our willingness and obedience to partner with God in His continuing work of creating, sustaining, redeeming, and consummating. If we are called to mobilize God’s resources, let us do it with freedom and joy knowing that God is the provider. As Christian fundraisers, we ought to follow in the footsteps of Nehemiah.
Another way to rid of fear in fundraising is prayer. Pray for God’s discernment and wisdom in approaching donors. Pray that God will open the hearts of donors even before we approach them. You will be surprised that God is always there ahead of us.

Practice. “Just do it!” as Nike says is one helpful way to get rid of fear. The more you plunge into the fundraising practice, the more you gain confidence. Seasoned fundraisers are not born overnight. They achieved the confidence and the fundraising skills over time. The more you meet people and sincerely seek their stories, the more natural fundraising will become.

Your passion for what you believe in and what you advocate for is a strong factor in ridding yourself of the fear of fundraising. Talk about your cause, let the other person picture it. Your passion for your work and the vision that you want to create will fuel your fundraising enthusiasm. Before you know it, fundraising will come to you as natural as breathing.

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