Wealth With Purpose

Growing a heart that gives

Biblical fundraising is transformational. It converts both the fundraiser and the donor. It blesses the one asking for the money and the one giving the money as they experience God’s provision and the joy of giving.

In traditional fundraising, building donor relations is developed in order to keep the money flowing and to meet goals and targets for the ministry. In contrast, biblical fundraising aims to grow stewards who are rich toward God. Giving and generosity becomes an outflow of practicing biblical stewardship and knowing God more intimately.

Fundraising is about relationships. It is about the one important relationship—our relationship with God. As fundraisers focus on God to provide for the needs of the church or the organization they lead to freedom and joy, their relationship with the Great Provider removes the fear and anxiety of not meeting the goals because they acknowledge that God is the Chief Fundraiser. It empowers the fundraiser to seek a genuine friendship with the donor and to seek their ultimate good. Henri Nouwen says that he will not ask the donor for money if it will not be good for his soul.

Fundraising as a ministry helps the donor to relate with their wealth according to scriptures. The fundraiser ministers to the donor by sharing biblical truths about money and materialism. Always have a ready word from the Bible to bless the donor and to meet their particular needs. Many wealthy people are cash rich but spiritually poor. Christian fundraisers and ministers may be cash poor but they are spiritually rich.

An authentic donor-focused fundraising seeks to grow hearts that are right and rich towards God. Biblical fundraising can be a tool to convert hearts that flow with goodness and generosity. We no longer look at donors as sources of funds but as people who need God. As we encourage them to seek wisdom in giving away their wealth towards the work of the Kingdom, we are as well, purified in the process.

How does a fundraiser help donors to grow giving hearts?

1. Communicate an understanding of God’s abundance. Too many fundraisers operate on the idea of scarce resources. That does not mean promoting a prosperity gospel but operating on the truth that God’s resources are plenty and able to provide for all our needs.

2. Teach them how to tithe from their business or their income. Tithing is a great place to start, as it helps people to acknowledge that everything is from God. Share with them stories of Christian business people who give not just 10 per cent but 90 per cent of their income and how the Lord blessed them.

3. Give donors an opportunity to participate in the work they support.

4. Allow the donors to follow their hearts. As fundraisers, you have to do your research on what interests your donors and
ask them to fund those passions. Some fundraisers lose their donors who asked them for the wrong cause.

5. Pray with your donors.

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