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Do you know your money values?


Most of us believe we know our money values.  The truth is your values are not dissimilar to an iceberg.  Ninety percent of an iceberg’s mass is beneath the surface.  So it is with our values.  On the surface we often trick ourselves into believing that we have good solid biblical values, but it is what lies beneath that really matters.

Why do your money values matter?  Simply because your values are what drive you and often have a profound impact on your financial behaviour even though we often think little about them.

For example, perhaps you grew up in a family where money was tight and bills often didn’t get paid on time and there was often a lot of stress when the topic of money arose. What values do you think someone would have who grew up in this type of household? More than likely if this was your experience then one of your values is likely to be ‘security’.

Alternatively you grew up in a family where what others think of you was deemed to be very important. As a result your family would purchase expensive clothes & nice cars because image and status were important.

Think of this issue a bit like an iceberg.   An iceberg has 10% of its mass above the surface and the other 90% is beneath the surface. Similarly when it comes to our values we often only think about them above the surface level, but we need to be willing to find out what it is that’s really driving us.

Whether we are conscious of them or not, our values will actually have a significant impact on the way we think about money and the subsequent behaviours and decisions that occur because of these values.

Some people make very poor decisions regularly with money without realising that the source of the problem is in their values.

Sample Values
Security Frugality
Freedom/Independence Selflessness
Status/Success Thriftiness
Generosity Stewardship
Spontaneous Risk Taking
Power Financial Integrity
Worship Peace of Mind
Happiness Identity

Take a moment to consider your attitude and values towards money by looking at the table of above. Do any of these resonate with you? Notice note all the values listed above are Godly values. They are not meant to be. I want you to be honest about your true values so that you can ask God to help you correct the ones that don’t line up with his word.

Parents, friends, work colleagues, your spouse, the Bible and the world influence your values and your attitude towards finances. The world’s view would have us believe that money brings status, power, security, pleasure and fulfillment.

If you are married, what are the values of your spouse? Do you share common values? What are the differences? Are these differences causing conflict? I will get you to explore this more at the end of this session.

Consider this question:

Does your attitude and values line up with what you find in Gods Word?

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