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The 8 dangerous insurance myths people believe

When it comes to Insurance there is extensive foolish thinking. Below are some of the common statements that I have heard people say over the years:

Myth One:

“I am young and healthy”

Myth Two:

“My parents will help me”

Myth Three:

“It won’t happen to me”

Myth Four:

“It is too expensive”

Myth Five:

“The Government will take care of me”

Myth Six:

“The insurance company wont pay”

I would also point out that Christians are often just as foolish, with clichés such as:

Myth Seven:

“God will protect me” or

Myth Eight:

“If something bad happens to me, then it was clearly God’s will for my life”.

Perhaps. But are you planning on testing him? Would you not buy car insurance, because you have decided that God will protect your car? Would you not immunise your children at birth because God will protect them?

Yes, we should trust God, but that is no excuse for not properly evaluating how a change in circumstances can impact our lives and the subsequent need for cover to limit the fallout. We live in a fallen world and bad things happen to terrific people.

Insurance is a simple and effective way of taking measures to limit the damage to your life. You can’t control whether you lose an arm or leg in a car crash, but you can limit the economic impact of it.

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