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Alex Cook

CEO and Coach

As a serial entrepreneur, who has started, grown and sold a financial planning practice, Alex is passionate about sharing his entrepreneurial and marketing skills to help kingdom businesses to thrive. Alex was fortunate enough to learn the skills on how to build, market, and grow a business through first hand experience and is called to share and release others to thrive in what God has called them to do.

At age 29, Alex launched Arcadian Private Wealth (a financial planning business) from scratch, and over the following 8 years build it to manage more than $75 million in client investments. In 2013, the business was sold for 7-figure sum.

Don't be a Statistic

It is not a surprise that most small businesses fail in the first few years. Many business owners start out with a great idea, but lack the skills and wisdom to make it succeed. The good news however, is that failure is avoidable. With proper planning, the right skills and tools, coupled with biblical wisdom you can start a kingdom business that supports you and your family and enables you to be a marketplace ambassador for God.

Be Your
Own Boss in

The Kingdom Business Launch course is designed to give you the skills, tools and biblical wisdom so you can have the confidence to launch a kingdom business. If you believe that God is calling you into business, then this course may well be what you need to get started on a solid foundation. You can be your own boss, and create a business that provides for you, your family and can build God’s kingdom.


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5 weekly webinars – Tuesday nights @ 7pm

Q&A at end of each webinar

6-month access to Kingdom Business Express and Kingdom Business Kick Start

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Kicks off on Tuesday
9th February 2021

(Weekly webinars until 16th March)