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You have a purpose in this life!  Wealth with Purpose aims to help you with the purpose that God has for your finances.

Christian Wealth TV gives you regular updates on Christian financial themes, financial planning topics and updates on economic and investment news from around the world.  We want to keep you informed with inspiring messages from the Bible, interviews, as well as news from around the globe that will impact on your finances!

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In this video, we'll explore New Testament teachings on tithing. What does the Bible say about tithing? Tithing is an important topic in the New Testament, and we'll explore what the Bible says about tithing in this video. We'll also look at what the New Testament teaches about giving of our income, and how tithing can help us live a life of purpose and upward spiritual growth. So if you're wondering what tithing in the New Testament teaches us, watch this video and find out! We'll discuss the biblical principles behind tithing and how it can help us live godly lives.



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