The 7 Foundations of Marketing (Part 7 of 7)


Welcome to this final part of this 7 part series on marketing foundations.  In today’s article I look at the 7th and final “P” of the 7 P’s of Marketing – People.  To truly achieve your marketing objectives you will need to consider the impact that people will have on your marketing plans.

As I always say ‘all business, is people business’ irrespective of the industry. People are your greatest asset and from God’s perspective – deeply precious! Does your business reflect God’s love for people?

How your employees interact with customers can have a profound effect — positive or negative — on customer satisfaction. It can mean the difference between having a repeat customer or never seeing them again!

When planning the “People” component of marketing:

➢ Culture – what are the common values, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes of people in your business.

➢ Management-Leadership – how are the leadership contributing to the marketing of the business.

➢ Employees – how do they represent your business in the marketplace? Are they empowered to help customers? What processes need to be built into their role to minimize errors and improve their performance.

➢ Customer Service – Regularly talked about, but often not executed well. What processes do you have in place to ensure that staff are providing a high level of customer service ALL the time.

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