Marriage is the most amazing and challenging relationship we have in our lives! Many couples believe they would have a better marriage if their money issues would just go away. The truth is, we need to apply biblical principles to both our marriage and our finances – it is the only sure cure for financial concerns! This weekend retreat will help you to manage money as a couple the way God intended for you.


The Bible & Money 

  • Why the Bible talks so much about money 
  • Core Biblical principles about money & wealth management
  • The spiritual issues around money and how they impact our relationships 
  • Understanding the times we’re in  

Understanding your Spouse 

  • How to avoid struggling with money as a couple 
  • Understand what drives your spouse's decision making 
  • Dealing with our different upbringings, values and personalities 
  • The easy way to avoid financial problems in the first place!  

Money Foundations

  • Learn foundational financial planning skills that you can apply easily - now! 
  • Learn how to do a budget, set goals, save, and manage your cash properly!
  • Know how to prepare for a rainy day 
  • Take back control of your money  
  • Put in place the Biblical Foundations for Financial Freedom  


  • Debunk the myths about debt 
  • What the Bible says about debt 
  • How financial institutions manipulate us into debt 
  • Buying a home safely and stress free
  • The easy way of getting out of debt - fast!  

Retirement Planning

  • How much do you need for a comfortable retirement?
  • What does a Christian retirement look like?
  • Choosing the right super fund
  • Superannuation Strategies  

Wealth Protection & Bequeathing 

  • Protecting your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances 
  • Types of insurance 
  • How much insurance do you need? 
  • Christian Estate Planning  


  • Common money mistakes couples make 
  • The common reasons couples fight over money 
  • Learn the six danger zones 
  • The simple ways for managing money together 
  • What you should say and what you should never say 
  • How to resolve financial problems when you don't agree 
  • How to love your partner with money  

Generous Living 

  • What does a generous marriage look like 
  • Build a giving portfolio 
  • Who should we give to?  

Full Package - $1,100 • 2 nights’ accommodation at the Mantra Ettalong Beach in a 1-bedroom spa suite • Morning/Afternoon Tea & Lunch on 28th • Attendance at all sessions • Conference Manual for each couple • Complimentary 2-hour financial planning session with Alex Cook post-event Non-Residential Package - $700 • Attendance at all sessions • Morning/Afternoon Tea &&Lunch on 28th • Conference Manual for each couple