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Alex Cook – Founder

Wealth with Purpose

ask yourself

  • Are finances causing stress in your marriage? 
  • Are you finding it hard to reduce debt and save money? 
  • Do you want more financial freedom to spend more time with your family and serve the Lord?

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Strong finances – strong marriage

What will you discover?

  • Overspending

Why you or your spouse are overspending and what to do about it – Put an end to overspending so you can get control of your finances! 

  • Saving

How to rapidly save and multiply your money – Become a wise steward of your money to set you up for the future!

  • Debt

A simple step-by-step process for getting debt under control – Get control of your debt & mortgage so you can be less stressed about finances!  

  • Plan B

Developing a Plan B for an unexpected crisis – Ensure you don’t go backwards financially when you have a unexpected health or personal crisis!

  • Financial Pathways

Create a financial pathway if you want to transition your career – Be wise about transitioning careers if you see yourself doing something different in the future!

Tuesday, 14th May

8pm – 9pm (AEST)

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