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"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."

Proverbs 29:18

Kingdom Business Express

Do you have a God-given dream to start your own business? As a serial entrepreneur I am passionate about helping Christians create and build kingdom-minded businesses. I can help you build a profitable, life-changing, kingdom impacting business! My express course is designed to deliver you with high-impact short videos (3 – 8 minutes) each day for one month to accelerate your learning and get your business off to a flying start.


  • Jam-packed with Biblical wisdom
  • Practical Tips & Tricks
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Course Notes
  • Video Presentations
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This course designed to show you how to get your new business off to a flying start. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it, to ensure you get your new business off the ground swiftly. You don’t need any pre-existing financial knowledge. All you need is a passion to learn and a willingness to put it into practice.

  • Module 1: Kingdom Business

    Create a business that has kingdom impact!

    • Business as a calling
    • Kingdom Business = Kingdom Impact
    • What a kingdom business looks like
    • What a kingdom business can achieve for God
  • Module 2: Before you Start

    Laying the foundations

    • What must be in place before your business opens
    • Ensuring your finances are in order
    • Reverse Planning
  • Module 3: Are you cut out to be an entreprenuer?

    Is it for you?

    • The core qualities of a kingdom entrepreneur
    • Entrepreneurship as a calling
    • Are your reasons for setting up a business ok?
  • Module 4: Vision & Mission

    Build a big Vision

    • How to create a Mission and Vision for your business
    • Getting people behind it!
    • Seeking God for your Vision & Mission
  • Module 5: Goal Setting

    Creating Motivation

    • Setting the right goals
    • Beyond profit - setting kingdom goals
    • What a S.M.A.R.T. goal looks like?
  • Module 6: Business Planning

    People plan to fail, they fail to plan!

    • What a business plan will do for you
    • What you should include in your business plan
    • When and how often you should do a business plan
    • Grab our business planning template
  • Module 7: Business Structuring

    Getting it right from day one

    • Why structure matters
    • Determining which structure is right for your business
    • Getting Advice
  • Module 8: Focus

    The success trait of entrepreneurs

    • The classic mistakes entrepreneurs make
    • Regaining focus
    • Short-term plans
  • Module 9: Target Market

    Hit your target every time

    • Playing to the right audience
    • Identifying your ideal customers
    • Market Segmentation
    • Do your really know your customers?
  • Module 10: Customer Database

    Your Secret Weapon in Business

    • Building an email list
    • Leveraging your customer base
    • Database = power = profit
  • Module 11: Market Research

    If you build it, will they come?

    • Getting inside your customers heads
    • Market research may just save your business not to mention your time?
    • The three components of market research
  • Module 12: Critical Success Factors

    What does success look like?

    • What make a business like yours successful?
    • The key factors that will drive your success
    • Focusing on the few
  • Module 13: How to avoid being a statistic?

    From failure to success

    • Why so many businesses fail
    • Failure prevention strategies
    • What smart entrepreneurs do to avoid failure
  • Module 14: Competitive Advantage & Value Proposition

    What's your promise?

    • Building a competitive advantage to set you apart
    • Determining your customer value proposition
    • Making your business stand out from the competition
  • Module 15: Marketing Mix

    The foundations of marketing

    • The 7 P's of Marketing
    • Getting the basics right
    • Marketing that works
  • Module 16: Pricing

    Are you charging enough?

    • Pricing heaven's way
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Achieving your optimum selling price
    • Determining the true value of what you do
  • Module 17: SWOT Analysis

    A Snapshot of Today

    • Identifying the Opportunities for your business
    • Reducing threats to your business
    • Knowing the internal state of your business
  • Module 18: Branding

    Building a world class brand

    • What is a brand?
    • The importance of branding to small business
    • Utilising the power of branding
  • Module 19: Becoming an Authority

    What's your niche?

    • Becoming the authority in your niche
    • Leveraging content to build your authority
    • Using the internet to reinforce your message
  • Module 20: Supernatural Business

    Partnering with the Creator

    • The Ultimate Business Partner
    • Your bit & God's bit
    • The secret to doing business supernaturally
  • Module 21: Funding your Business

    Where is the money coming from?

    • Your financing options
    • Alternatives to debt
    • Determining what is right for your business
  • Module 22: Improving Cash Flow

    Show me the Cash Flow!

    • Why you need to track it closely
    • Projecting cash flow
    • Cash flow strategies
  • Module 23: Kingdom Principles

    Keeping you in business

    • Applying God's principles to the real world
    • How integrity will grow your business
    • The consequence of not doing it God's way
  • Module 24: Board of Advice

    Surround yourself with wisdom

    • How a board of advice will bless your business
    • Who should be on your board of advice
    • Running your board
  • Module 25: Business as Mission

    An evangelist's dream

    • Why every entrepreneur is a missionary
    • Does you business give people a taste of heaven?
    • The relationship opportunities that abound
  • Module 26: Outsourcing & Global Sourcing

    Building your global team

    • How small business can now outsource
    • Sourcing talent from across the globe
    • Doing things you didn't think was possible
  • Module 27: Risk Management

    Avoiding headaches and business failure

    • Do you know the risks your business faces?
    • Common Business risks
    • Risk Management Strategies for business
  • Module 28: Customer Feedback

    Constant & never ending improvement!

    • What your customers will help uncover
    • Questions you need to have answers for
    • The rules for seeking feedback
  • Module 29: Information Technology

    Your Growth Vehicle

    • Information technology risk management
    • Using IT to give you a competitive advantage
    • IT to automate your marketing while you sleep
  • Module 30: Benchmarking

    Know how you measure up

    • What benchmarking will do for your business
    • The metrics you should benchmark
    • Choosing the right metrics
  • Module 31: Multiplication

    Don't just grow, multiply!

    • The biblical concept of multiplication applied to business
    • Business multiplication strategies
    • Multiply to maximise kingdom impact!

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