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"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

2 Corinthians 9:8

Generosity Express

You have a vision for your Church, but not the finances to fulfil it? Generosity Express is our rapid learning generosity course where each day for 23 days, you can watch one of our high impact videos (3 – 10 minutes) designed to help you create a Church of genuine, God honouring Stewards passionate about multiplying God’s Kingdom!


  • Jam-packed with Biblical wisdom!
  • Video Presentations
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Worksheets
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  • Practical Tips & Tricks
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This course is designed to help you build a Church culture of radical generosity. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it, so you can get started on taking your members on the journey to generosity! You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge. All you need is a passion to learn and a willingness to put it into practice.

  • Module 1: True Generosity

    Do your members know what it looks like?

    • What we learn from the early Church
    • The real impact of generosity
    • Generosity as a pillar of revival
    • The destination of generosity
  • Module 2: Money follows Vision

    People give to impact

    • Creating a compelling vision
    • What is the purpose of your Church?
    • What a great vision looks like
  • Module 3: Where is your Church at?

    You can't go anywhere tomorrow if you don't know where you are today!

    • Do you know what your members believe?
    • Assessing the right things
    • Identifying the real issues
    • Why so many of our members are struggling
  • Module 4: Financial Discipleship

    Disciples making Disciples

    • Disciple whom?
    • The impact of financial discipleship
    • Do your members trust God?
  • Module 5: Cultural Change

    Where is your culture taking you?

    • Assessing your current culture
    • What kingdom culture looks like
    • Changing culture
  • Module 6: Your Leadership Team

    United under one vision

    • Where are your leaders at?
    • Helping your leaders to help your members
    • Taking your leaders on the journey with you
  • Module 7: Why don’t they Give

    Understanding people motives

    • The common reasons people withhold
    • Changing hearts
    • Removing barriers to giving
  • Module 8: Why do People Give

    Positioning your Church to receive

    • The key factors that drive giving
    • What NOT to do
    • Becoming a Church people trust
  • Module 9: Should you know what people give?

    You can't manage what you don't know

    • What every Pastor should know
    • Financial Discipleship with knowledge
    • What makes Pastors nervous
  • Module 10: What about Big Givers?

    Building a Church of Giving Warriors

    • Understanding people with a capacity to give BIG
    • The absolute no-nos
    • Discipling big givers
  • Module 11: Generosity Strategy

    Raising Stewards

    • Made in the image of God
    • Strategies to promote and reinforce generosity
    • Communicating generosity
  • Module 12: What do you teach them?

    The Spiritual Principles & Practices

    • Do your members REALLY know God?
    • Teaching people to worship God with money
    • Turning principles into practices
  • Module 13: What do you teach them?

    Practical Principles

    • Basic financial principles to teach
    • What your members need to know about debt
    • Contemporary financial practices
  • Module 14: Repentance & Restitution

    Towards Restoration

    • Financial Repentance
    • The transformative power of restitution
    • God's Restoration
  • Module 15: Spiritual Battle over Money

    Don't let the Devil in

    • The lies the devil is telling your members about money
    • Dealing with the fallout from the Battle
    • Winning the war
  • Module 16: Debt is killing your Church

    Bring it back to life

    • Our Culture & Debt
    • The impact debt is having on the Church
    • Helping your members out of debt
  • Module 17: Debt & the Church

    The Alternatives to Debt

    • What the Bible says about debt
    • Advancing God's kingdom without debt
    • God's funding method
  • Module 18: Getting out of Debt

    Breaking the chains

    • Debt Elimination Strategies
    • Alternative funding models
    • Growing your Church without Debt
  • Module 19: Is your Church Trustworthy?

    Building Trust

    • Why they don't trust you
    • How a Pastor can be beyond reproach
    • Passing the trust test
  • Module 20: Multiplication

    Multiply your Church's Impact

    • The biblical concept of multiplication
    • Becoming a Multiplier!
    • Applying Multiplication!
  • Module 21: Are you struggling?

    You're not alone

    • Why Pastors struggle
    • Aligning your finances with the Word of God
    • Creating your own financial plan
  • Module 22: Are you being paid properly?

    Dealing with low pay

    • The Church Board's Role
    • The Member's Role
    • What the Bible says about Pastor's Pay
  • Module 23: Church Turnarounds

    Getting the Church back on track

    • How to know if your Church is in trouble
    • Turnaround Strategies
    • Taking control of the Church cash flow

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