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Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

John 8:31-32

Financial Freedom Express

The Financial Freedom Express course is designed to give you one key financial planning lesson each day in a short (3-7 minute video) for the next month that will get you started on the journey to financial freedom. As Jesus himself said, when you know the truth, it will set your free!


  • Jam-packed with Biblical Wisdom
  • Audio
  • Practical Tips & Tricks
  • Worksheets
  • Course Notes
  • Video Presentations
  • Checklists
  • 24/7 Online Access



Financial Freedom is designed to show you how to get your finances off to a flying start. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it to ensure you get results quickly. You don’t need any pre-existing financial knowledge. All you need is a passion to learn and a willingness to put it into practice.

  • Module 1: Money Mindsets

    As a man thinks, so is he

    • Who is the real owner?
    • The Right Mindset
    • Investing in Eternity
  • Module 2: Goal Setting

    Building a Vision for your Finances

    • Laying the right foundations
    • Creating goals that you can actually achieve
    • Does your wealth have a purpose?
  • Module 3: Budgeting

    Your 1st Act of Stewardship

    • How to use a budget to full effect
    • How to put together a budget in just a few simple steps
    • What a good budget looks like!
  • Module 4: Emergency Funds

    Saved for a rainy day?

    • How much do you need to set aside?
    • Where should you put it?
    • The benefit on your marriage!
  • Module 5: Controlling the Cash

    Seal the holes in your pockets!

    • Help, I can't stop spending!
    • Dealing with husband and wife differences
    • Structuring your Accounts
  • Module 6: Intimacy with God

    Spending time with the King

    • What intimacy with God looks like
    • Knowing God versus knowing about him
    • Building intimacy into your daily routine
  • Module 7: Protecting your Income

    Protecting your Greatest Asset

    • The biblical view on insurance
    • The right insurance philosophy
    • How to protect your greatest asset
  • Module 8: Protecting your Family

    Setting up your loved ones

    • Your four options for managing risk
    • Determining how much cover you need
    • Choosing the right policies
  • Module 9: Repentance & Restitution

    Repent and be merry!

    • Financial Repentance
    • Repent from what?
    • Making Restitution
  • Module 10: Idolatry

    Who are you serving?

    • Idolatry then - Idolatry today
    • What are your idols?
    • Beating idolatry
  • Module 11: What does the Bible say about Debt

    Defeat the lies about Debt

    • What the Bible REALLY says...
    • How our society views debt
    • The Dangers of Debt
    • The True Cost of Debt
  • Module 12: Getting out of Debt

    Say Goodbye to Debt!

    • The simple steps to debt elimination!
    • Creating a debt plan
    • Using your budget to beat debt!
  • Module 13: Credit Cards

    The debt danger zone

    • The alternatives to credit cards
    • Why credit cards cost more than you think
    • Managing a credit card wisely
  • Module 14: Renting Vs Buying

    Should I rent or should I buy?

    • When its best to rent
    • When its best to buy
    • Tips for buying a home
    • Getting the right mortgage
  • Module 15: What are your money values?

    Do you know what is driving you?

    • How husbands and wives differ
    • What values are you hiding beneath the surface
    • How values drive your behaviour
    • Lining up your values with the word of God
  • Module 16: Saving

    The Power of Saving

    • The difference compounding makes
    • How much should you save?
    • Where do you start?
  • Module 17: Generosity

    A foundation for revival

    • The power behind generosity
    • Why God blesses us
    • What true generosity actually looks like
  • Module 18: Contentment

    What you have is good

    • How the devil deceives us
    • What the bible teaches about contentment
    • Solutions to end your discontentment
  • Module 19: Long-Term Planning

    Build a long-term vision

    • Achieving Long-Term Goals
    • How to be God dependent and financially independent at the same time!
    • Issues with long-term planning
  • Module 20: Marriage & Money

    Two become one

    • What two becomes one means for money management
    • God's intention for marriage
    • Managing together
  • Module 21: Estate Planning

    The ultimate statistic

    • The world's way versus God's way
    • The three components of successful estate planning
    • What you need to know about Wills
  • Module 22: Power of Attorney

    Who is in control

    • What is a Power of Attorney?
    • Who should and shouldn't have one?
    • When to get one
  • Module 23: Why does the Bible talk so much about money?

    Jesus, Money & You

    • How much did Jesus talk about money and why?
    • What your money handling says about your relationship with God
    • Why money matters to God
  • Module 24: Key to Wealth Creation

    The secret to genuine wealth building

    • Where and when to start
    • Why this strategy is so effective
    • Is it for everyone? If not, what are the alternatives?
  • Module 25: Investing - Creating a Growing Income Stream

    What every investor must focus on

    • What is a growing income stream?
    • Which assets are the best way to grow your income?
    • Conservative assets versus Growth assets
  • Module 26: Investment Principles

    The Biblical way to invest

    • The surprising things the Bible says about investing
    • Implementing these principles into your investment plans
    • Lining your investments up with kingdom values
  • Module 27: Understanding Risk

    Avoid unnecessary pain!

    • The common risks investors face
    • Risk avoidance and reduction strategies
    • The biggest risk you face
  • Module 28: Get Advice

    Seeking counsel from the wise

    • Whom you should get advice from?
    • The criteria for financial advisers
    • Asking the right questions to potential advisers
  • Module 29: General Insurance

    Preventing financial ruin

    • Managing household and business risks
    • The main general insurance policies
    • Our General insurance checklist!
  • Module 30: Have you believed the lies of the devil?

    Replace them with God's truth!

    • The lies the devil tells us
    • playground versus battleground
    • What God's truth says...
  • Module 31: Good Stewardship

    Using your money to advance God's kingdom

    • What good stewardship looks like
    • The characteristics of a stewards
    • The benefits of stewardship
  • Module 32: Multiplication

    Don't just grow, multiply!

    • The biblical concept of multiplication
    • Applying multiplication to your daily life
    • Multiplying businesses, ministries, churches and generosity!
  • Module 33: Foundations of Wise Management

    Become a wise guy or gal!

    • The biblical foundations of money management
    • The world's way versus God's way
    • What Christian living looks like
  • Module 34: Eternal Focus

    Investing in Eternity!

    • Do you know what heaven will be like?
    • Investing for an eternal reward!
    • Where is your treasure?


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  • Understand the current world socio-economic and demographical issues and how they will impact you, your family and your business
  • Identify strategies to thrive in an uncertain financial climate
  • Why the financial crisis of 2008-2009 is far from over
  • Understand why financial commentators and economists are wrong more
  • Recognise and respond to the world’s problems as kingdom opportunities

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