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The 7-Step Plan

Step 1

Cash is King

Effective cash flow is a key driver for financial success. We’ll help you to save more, build margin, prepare for a rainy day, and get the compounding process happening!

Step 2

Own & Pay off your Home

The biggest challenge for most of us is saving for our own home, or getting out of debt once we’ve got one. We’ll help you learn simple steps so you can buy your own home.
Step 3

Slay the Debt Dragon

The Bible warns that debt can lead to slavery. Breaking free from debt, liberates your finances by reducing & eliminating debt, empowering you to redirect funds towards saving and investing, so you can begin your stewardship journey.
Step 4

Integrate your Faith

God desires that we prosper in all things, including our money. But too many people leave God out of their financial decisions. You’ll learn the timeless wisdom of the Bible and how to integrate your faith with your finances. We’ll also explore how you can make a lasting difference for God’s kingdom and leave an eternal legacy!
Step 5

Protect your Loves Ones

Life happens! Whether it is accident or illness, life often throws us curve balls. Protecting our families with adequate insurance is an important foundation of money management.
Step 6

Retire Well

Sadly, most people don’t have enough to retire well. We’ll show you the key numbers you need to know, and how to build a great retirement plan so you can do what you love with whom you love.
Step 7

Invest Well

Long-term financial success won’t occur unless you learn how to build wealth God’s way. Learn how to build wealth based on biblical wisdom while integrating contemporary wealth building practices.




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At Wealth with Purpose we know that many Christians want to get ahead, be worry-free, and

In order to do that you need a plan that is based on biblical wisdom and contemporary skills.

The problem is that most of us don’t know where to start or how to build a simple wealth plan so we can get ahead, raise our families, build wealth and to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.

We believe that the bible speaks profoundly on the topic of money, and when combined with practical application you will be

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Our content is based on the bible and we believe is relevant to everyone. Rarely is there any reference to rules/policies. of any nation. The goal of our content is to be both biblical and highly practical so you can apply it immediately in your life.

The membership program will give you access to all our content but personal advice is not provided as part of your membership. We do offer both a financial planning and a money coaching service if you need to speak with someone.