Wealth With Purpose

ebook cover


Let me show you how.  In this eBook I share with you some of my favourite strategies for boosting your Church finances.  They will provide you with some of the foundations for putting your Church on the journey to both a more generous culture and a strong financial position.

In it you will find...

  • What you MUST to teach your members about money
  • Creating a compelling reason for people to give to your Church
  • Beating the fear surrounding money
  • What a culture of true generosity really looks like
  • Understanding where your Church is at on the journey to generosity
  • Why Debt is killing your Church and what to do about it
  • How intimacy with God impacts your member’s giving
  • Learn the reasons why people give so that you make sure you are a Church that deserves it
  • How to provide your members with sound financial discipleship
  • Making sure you are a good role model to your members
  • Build giving warriors in your Church
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