Wealth With Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wealth with Purpose?

Wealth with Purpose is a financial education organisation where Christians come to learn and apply what God’s word says about Money, Wealth & Business. Our passion is to equip Christians around the world so that they can make wise financial decisions that honour God, use and build wealth to enable them to fund the great commission.

What does Wealth with Purpose do?

Wealth with Purpose provides financial discipleship courses designed to educate and train Christians to understand money from a biblical perspective. These courses cover a diverse range of financial topics for different groups of people. We have courses focused on personal finances, church finances, entrepreneurship and for ministries. As the courses are highly practical in nature, they are able to bring about real change.

How can I access the Courses?

ONLINE COLLEGE – Our courses can be streamed 24/7 to your Church, Living Room, Office via our website.

TABLET/SMARTPHONE – Our courses have been optimised so that you can access our courses, and watch them on the run using your tablet or smartphone!

LIVE – On a regular basis we run our courses in a live format, primarily in a conference/workshop learning environment mostly by partnering with local Churches who are keen to train their members in all aspects of biblical personal finance or entrepreneurial skills.

If you would like to request a course to be run at your Church or in your community, you can request it under the organise and event or invite Alex tab in the contact section of our website.

What is included with each course?

Well… Everything that you need to get results. Each course is jam packed with:

  • Biblical Wisdom
  • Practical Tips & Tactics
  • Course Video
  • Audio Version
  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • 24/7 Access
  • Downloadable PDFs

And much more…

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We think you’ll love our material, but on the off chance you don’t, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. All we ask, is that you tell us why, so we can make our courses and materials better for the future!

What is the Vision & Mission driving Wealth with Purpose?

Our passion is simple – train and empower Christians to live lives that are financially free so that they can use and build wealth for kingdom purposes. Now more than ever we need to use our money to glorify God and usher in a great harvest. Much of the world has lost its way. Nations that have been historically Christian are running rapidly from these roots, with devastating consequence.

All ministries require money, it is a fact of life. Whilst God is ultimately the provider of all finances, he uses us as his hands and feet and expects us to be wise stewards with what he has provided. Wealth with Purpose trains people using the wisdom of the Bible, combined with the practical tools that anyone can apply in their daily walk with Jesus.

How can the Wealth with Purpose help me with my finances?

Wealth with Purpose has different courses depending on your circumstances. We recommend all Christians begin with our flagship course – Financial Freedom. This course covers a broad range of biblical themes and financial planning topics that will enable you to get your finances on the right track. It is applicable whether you are beginner to financial topics or whether you have been around money for 20 years, including those who work in the finance industry. There is something in it to challenge and equip everyone. We have even had one participant say “I learnt more practical information in this course, than my entire business degree”. That is really saying something. We also run a range of specialty courses for businesses, pastors, schools, bible colleges as well as courses for individuals based upon their life stage.

Is Wealth with Purpose affiliated with any particular denomination?

No. Wealth with purpose is designed to be used by people of all Christian denominations. We appreciate that some financial topics lead to differences of opinion. Where possible we outline the pros and cons of the various views and what we believe is the correct one based on scripture.

Does Wealth with Purpose provide financial advice?

No. Wealth with Purpose does not provide specific personal financial advice and is not licensed to do so. We teach financial concepts and strategies, but at no point do we recommend any specific course of action or financial products.
We strongly believe in high quality professional licensed financial advice, and recommend course participants seek out Christian financial professionals who can assist them in achieving their financial goals.

Who are the key people?

Wealth with Purpose was founded by our current CEO Alex Cook. Alex is an Australian citizen and is married with three children. Alex has been in the financial advice industry for nearly 20 years. Prior to establishing Wealth with Purpose, Alex was the CEO of Arcadian Private Wealth a boutique financial advisory firm in Sydney, Australia that was recently acquired by Stanford Brown in February 2013.

In addition to staff involved in the day-to-day operations of Wealth with Purpose, we also have a highly experienced leadership team that meets regularly to ensure that the organisation remains true to its vision, maintains its biblical integrity and drives the strategic direction.

I want to know more about the theology that is taught by Wealth with Purpose

We run monthly webinars on the first Monday of each month. These webinars introduce the courses to prospective students, pastors, Church groups and our basic Christian financial concepts are discussed. There is an opportunity to ask theological questions and address any questions and concerns that you may have.

You are also welcome to submit a general enquiry via our website. We will endeavour to reply to you within 5 to 7 working days, but this will vary depending on demand.