Wealth With Purpose


Train Christians to Honour God and Live Freely through Wise Biblical Money Management


Christians Investing for Eternity



  • Learn practical tools to manage money wisely based on sound biblical principles
  • Go beyond just the usual budgeting and debt management
  • Stimulating, thought-provoking and intellectually rigorous content that will benefit all Christians regardless of their current personal financial knowledge

Build the Local Church

  • Our courses aims to teach participants the skills to build a strong local Church
  • Train Church Members & Leaders in personal finance and to disciple other
  • A tool to impact local communities


  • Our courses are based on the Word of God and thus are applicable to all Christian denominations that believe in the authority of scripture
  • Churches and denominations can use it in different formats to suit their individual requirements – live events, small groups, conferences, Church services


  • Courses can be used as an outreach tool in your community. They are a remarkable witness and testimony to the wisdom of our God

Renewal & Transformation

  • Help people to decipher the world’s view of money to compare and contrast it with God’s word
  • Understand the world’s system to avoid being influenced by it, and to be transformed by God’s word through the renewing of the mind


  • Provide the tools so people can be break free from financial bondage, whether it is wrong attitudes to money, misinformation, lack of knowledge or debt
  • Assist people to effectively identify and deal with their financial problems, in order to bring them to a point of repentance, restitution and restoration