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How To Retire Well

Retirement is considered the final phase of a career journey and a new phase of a person’s life. It comes with a host of other considerations―when to retire, where to live, and how to spend one’s time. But as a Christian, how do we prepare for retirement in a biblical way?

Navigating Debt in a Higher Interest Rate World

With the cost of living having exploded over the last 12 months, particularly with the cost of renting (up on average 15%) and mortgages (up on average 60%), many people are starting to feel the economic pinch. Now is a great time to review your finances in order to position yourself well irrespective of wherever the economy heads.

Maximising Income & Minimising Risk in a Volatile World

As interest rates have risen so has the distributions each month. As of February, this year the monthly distribution has gone to 0.49% or the equivalent of 6.04% per annum after fees instead of 0.45% and 5.4% per annum after fees. Terrific conservative fund. Fund actually earned 7.11% after fees for the last financial year but we keep profits up our sleeve for tougher months.

Survive and Thrive in a Bear Market(Dec 2022)

This year has been one of the most turbulent in investment market history with wild swings in stocks, bonds and currencies. After a 30-year decline in interest rates, we now have the most rapidly rising rates in history due in no small part to the 40 year high in inflation.
Retirement Planning in High Inflation World

Retirement Planning in a High Inflation World (July 2022)

With inflation surging to 40 year highs across the world and the likelihood of global recession, we’ll explore how to navigate the current season and steward your resources well, as you think about planning for retirement.
Investing in Chaotic Times 2022

Investing in Chaotic Times (March 2022)

Now we have a tragic war which is driving energy and food prices higher, which will take a heavy toll on the poor and middle class. So, how do you invest and grow your capital in a world that seems to get crazier by the day?

Understanding the Times (Nov 2021)

Where can you make income in a zero rate world? Where to invest when everything looks over-priced? What do you think would be the best performing asset class over the next 10 years? Should I buy Crypto?

Marriage & Money

Financial stress is so common in families today and can place enormous strain on relationships. In partnership with Focus on the Family Australia, this free 60-minute webinar will explore that money is God’s idea. He wants to bless you as a couple and family to fulfil His calling on your lives.

Property Investing (Aug 2021)

I’ve invited Rich Harvey, the CEO of Property Buyer as our guest speaker, to share with our audience on the challenges and opportunities of property investing. Rich is one of Australia’s most awarded buyers agents.

Retirement Planning in a Zero Interest Rate World (July 2021)

This webinar will explore how you can still plan for your retirement in a world where returns are likely to be lower than expected for the foreseeable future.