The 7 Foundations of Marketing (Part 6 of 7)

Welcome to part 6 of our 7 part series on marketing foundations.  Today’s article is about the importance of process as part of the marketing experience.


The process of giving a service, and the behaviour of those who deliver are crucial to customer satisfaction. Issues such as waiting times, the information given to customers and the helpfulness of staff are all vital to keep customers happy. Look at most successful businesses and you will find they have very deliberate systems and processes. It is usually a formula they have refined repeatedly over the year to provide their customers with a consistent result.
Consider Starbucks coffee. It doesn’t matter which Starbucks store you visit anywhere in the world, the product they deliver is the same everywhere as it should be. This is not an accident. The barristers don’t get to make your coffee their own way, they follow the same process.

Reflect on the systems and processes by considering the following:

➢ How are your products and services consumed?

➢ Consistency – will I get the same experience of your product or service if I deal with different people within your business or go to a different store?

➢ Service Delivery – will it be the same pace? The same quality?

➢ Customer Focus – are your staff empowered to make decisions about customers requests or complaints? What freedom or restrictions will you give them?

➢ IT development – can you use IT to improve your processes and to reduce human error?

➢ Complaints – What is the complaints process? Do you have a process for trying to turn complainants into fans?

➢ Response Time – selling fast food? How quickly can you get it to your customer from when they place the order?

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