Improving your relationship with God & Money



Above all else God desires intimacy with us, after all that is why he created us! He is building his kingdom and he wants to fill it with people who by their own free will, want to be part of it. God does not force us to follow him or to spend time with him.

Most of us are taught that we should pray and read the bible, but very few of us are taught how to have a deep and intimate relationship with the king of kings, and for this reason one of the biggest issues in Church today when it comes to money is ‘fear’. Associated with this fear is a deep ‘poverty’ mentality and subsequent withholding of cash that God has blessed people with, that is simply not been used to fund the great commission.

I want argue that much of this fear stems from the fact that many of our fellow Christians don’t really know God. Yes, they know ‘about’ him, but they simply don’t know him. I know ‘about’ Barack Obama from what I read and hear, but I don’t really know him, that would require me spending time with him. Sadly, for many people sitting in Church each week, they don’t really know God, and so they don’t trust him, and because they don’t trust him, they worry about money.

When you build intimacy with God, and come to know his perfect character, his enormous power, his generous provision, his overwhelming love and mercy, then you will not fear. You will be filled with the joy and knowledge that God is a God of abundance and provision and that he delights in blessing his people just the way any parent does when they do things for their kids.

When my kids get up in the morning, they don’t spend a moment worrying about whether there will be breakfast, lunch or dinner available, they just ‘assume’ that it will be there. They have no reason to believe otherwise. But when we grow up all of a sudden we start worrying about what the future holds, where money will come from and we forget that we have a supernatural father in heaven who is more than capable of meeting our needs.

So let me ask you a question. Do you really know God? Do you believe it when he says:

  • Put his kingdom first, and he’ll take care of the rest (Matthew [6:33])
  • That he is able to bless you abundantly so that you can bless others (2 Corinthians 8-9)
  • That he gives you good things to enjoy (Ecclesiastes [3:13])
  • He rewards those who can be trusted be with the resources that he asks them to steward (Matthew [25:14]-28)

How do you build intimacy with God?

  • Spend time with God each day. Not five to ten minutes. That is what most Pastors will say, because they realise we are in this fast paced consumer society and they will rationalise that this is all most people can cope with. I would suggest half an hour minimum and build it from there. Oh, you’re too busy? Well then don’t expect changes to occur. What you treasure, you will spend time doing.
  • Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know, take a full day each week to be with God. Yes, that is 20% of their working week that they devote to intimacy with God.
  • Fast regularly. Fasting helps us to build intimacy with God.
  • Read the Bible – each day, make notes, write down questions that you want answered and nag God until he answers. It is ok to nag God!

Don’t misunderstand what I am suggesting. Spending time with God is not about getting money from him. It is about building your love, your faith and asking him to guide your steps, so that you become a person of wisdom and character. If you live like that, the money will take care of itself. Spending time in the Bible will help you understand his character, his power and his love. When you understand this, fear will run from you! You will know what it means to truly trust the King of Kings. Treasure God, he treasures you!


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